Two left feet :( Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 

Can’t dance? Can’t convince your partner to try it out???

No problem!

Hire some talent to show off at your wedding! There are tons of swing dancers all over the world who would love to perform at your wedding…

These guys made it work for their wedding…


Throw a 1940’s themed party Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 

This blog had some good ideas on throwing a party with a 1940’s swing theme…


Receptions should be a party… add it to the theme!

Another First Dance Win! Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 

Monika & Nicholas were married 5/31/08 and put together this amazing dance which was a surprise to all their guests!

Embossy Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 

You can get rubber stamps custom made or mass made to make your own invitations!

You’ll need to buy embossing ink and powder. Available at any craft store for under $10 each.

The last thing you’ll need is to use a hair dryer to add heat. The end product looks and feels awesome, you can use vintage themed stamps, and you’ll save a ton of money!



Don’t Scrap it Yet Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 

You’ll need some type of book for all those vintage shots you just took!


Why not scrapbook it… Here’s some ideas for the new artists:


Vintage Papers & Stamps


Vintage Tags & Flowers

Worth 1000 Words Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 

Who doesn’t love a sepia, black and white, or vintage style photo. Try getting a photographer to keep the theme alive and feature your memories as an archive of love.


This photo just drips with the delicate vintage flavor


That’s right, they just tied the knot at an amusement park!

This puts an vintage take on the kiss.

Swing through your first dance Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 

There are tons of tutorials online to learn how to swing dance.


Some of my favorite are available on

Cut me a slice… Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 

Vintage cake toppers would be super adorable and fit right in with your theme.


I thought these two were right on the money….


Find Vintage Wedding toppers like these here.

After the dress, it’s as easy as cake Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 

Vintage or vintage inspired dresses have made a comeback. You can show off your fashion sense by wearing one of these on your big day.

All available at Vintage Bridal Apparel.

I personally like the style of the 1940’s with a cinched waist and a V-neck. Works great if you have curves!!!

Strike up the Band Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 

Why not hire a swing band for your wedding…

This website was super helpful in finding swing bands for hire in the US

Just think how impressed your friends will be to have live music playing at your reception 🙂

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