Need it to fit… Friday, Apr 27 2012 

Found this great site that not only sells vintage, but makes vintage replicas and has a good reputation for alterations.

This dress is just gorgeous. Has a very vintage 1930’s Hollywood style. The detailing is just breathtaking, but my favorite part is the headpiece!


That’s one smoking tie! Thursday, Apr 26 2012 


Here’s a tie from the 40’s for the groom to wear. This has managed to escape PETA’s attention for years now. Give him a silk tie with a funny character for your wedding, it’s bound to be a riot.

Tie the knot Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 

The bride shouldn’t be the only one wearing vintage at the wedding. Find some vintage ties with elegant detailing to them for you or your soon to be man.


I particularly like the 1940’s and their style of clothing. Find out which decade suits you best so you can suit up.

Vintage Brooch Bouquets Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 


I like this idea a lot because it’s a bouquet that will last forever. Get a bunch of vintage brooches, and make your own bouquet. It’s super easy. Although I would suggest finding something else to use for the bouquet toss unless your wedding has great insurance!

Just clip it Tuesday, Apr 24 2012 


Here are some chocolate-y dress clips made by Bakelite. Besides, it’s all about the accessories!

White Weddings – from the Bata Shoe Museum Wednesday, Apr 11 2012 

The Bata Shoe Museum has a lovely page about the advent of white weddings:

This is a pair of cream-colored silk open-toed sandals worn by Goldie Endelman, March 22, 1943.
Brooklyn, United States.

Click here to see the article.