1934 Wedding Gown Tuesday, Aug 28 2012 

Charles James Wedding Dress, V&A Museum, 1934

Here is a Charles James Wedding Dress from the late 1930’s. It has been displayed at the V&A Museum. Very Hollywood styling with the sleeves and the flair out just at the bottom of the gown.


Audrey Hepburn in Wedding Gown Tuesday, Jul 24 2012 

Audrey Hepburn in Wedding Gown

Source: 1957 movie Funny Face

Photo of Audrey Hepburn in a 1950’s style dress and bouquet

Record Your Wedding The Vinyl Way Monday, Jul 16 2012 

How classy would you look with a vinyl theme throughout your vintage swing wedding. Here are a couple necessities to pull off the job just right….

Wedding invitations!

Cake stands!

Add a little rhythm to your pallet.

Cupcakes or cakes are now the musical dessert for your vintage wedding.

Cuff Links


Vinyl themed ties for the groomsmen…

And some vinyl wedding favors for all your guests.

This will definitely help you to cover the ‘something old’ category for your vintage swing wedding. If you have access to it, why not have a DJ play vinyls at your wedding for an authentic feel.

Vintage Parasol Friday, May 25 2012 

Why not have a vintage parasol at your wedding. Perfect way to keep cool and chic during a summer wedding outdoors. Now you can still get married at the beach, and not get sunburned!

A few finds for your wedding….

Turquoise vintage lace parasol

Pink lace vintage umbrella

Hand painted vintage umbrella

All of these were tracked down on an ebay auction.

Parasols could be used for any occasion. So purchasing one is an awesome idea, but if you only want one for that special day. I really like Bella Umbrella which rents out vintage and elegant umbrellas for your wedding date.


Happy Flapper Friday everyone!


I Was Blown Away By This Photo Friday, May 25 2012 

I Was Blown Away By This Photo

Such a cute shot of a vintage wedding with the bride and groom literally swept up by the wind of it all. That wedding was a breeze. I also love this gown that fits so nicely formfitting and then has a ridiculously full train and veil.

Thirties for Your Wedding Wednesday, May 9 2012 

This bridal gown is from the 1930’s. I like it because it has such a delicate look, and intricate beading in an simplistic pattern.

Vintage Flower Brooch Wednesday, May 2 2012 

A diamond lasts forever… and ever… and ever. This vintage brooch has gorgeous detailing both with the indentations, shaping, and diamond placements. This would make a great dress accessory or the groom could wear this instead of a live flower on his suit jacket. Another way to keep those memories as lasting as the diamonds on this brooch.

Part of a collection found on David Webb’s Site. David has a great selection, and has been making jewelry since the 30’s.

That’s one smoking tie! Thursday, Apr 26 2012 


Here’s a tie from the 40’s for the groom to wear. This has managed to escape PETA’s attention for years now. Give him a silk tie with a funny character for your wedding, it’s bound to be a riot.

Vintage Brooch Bouquets Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 


I like this idea a lot because it’s a bouquet that will last forever. Get a bunch of vintage brooches, and make your own bouquet. It’s super easy. Although I would suggest finding something else to use for the bouquet toss unless your wedding has great insurance!

Just clip it Tuesday, Apr 24 2012 


Here are some chocolate-y dress clips made by Bakelite. Besides, it’s all about the accessories!