Callot Soeurs Wedding Ensemble, Met, 1930 Thursday, Jul 26 2012 

Callot Soeurs Wedding Ensemble, Met, 1930

Source: Callot Soeurs Wedding Ensemble, Met, 1930

Wedding Gown from the 1930’s. The train is called a cathedral train, designed for more formal gowns, is the second longest train available after the royal train.


1930’s Rayon & Silk Bridal Gown Wednesday, May 16 2012 

1930's Rayon & Silk Bridal Gown

Here’s a photo of a gorgeous vintage 30’s wedding dress made of silk and rayon. Very common in this era to have rayon blends, as it was fairly new to the mainstream fashions. I really enjoy the decor on the bodice that wraps around and continues on the train.

Thirties for Your Wedding Wednesday, May 9 2012 

This bridal gown is from the 1930’s. I like it because it has such a delicate look, and intricate beading in an simplistic pattern.

1930’s Wedding Dress Monday, May 7 2012 


Probably late 1930’s early 1940’s with really puffy sleeves. I don’t think I would want the puffy sleeves on this particular dress, but not sure if the material could handle alterations.

Would you make any alterations?

That’s one smoking tie! Thursday, Apr 26 2012 


Here’s a tie from the 40’s for the groom to wear. This has managed to escape PETA’s attention for years now. Give him a silk tie with a funny character for your wedding, it’s bound to be a riot.